Stretch Limos

Chrysler 300

Stretch Limos Chrysler 300

8-10 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

The retro design of the Chrysler 300 comes replete with the added space of a stretch limo to make this one perfect party car.  Sliding Lambo doors accent your driver as he moves in and out of the front seat.  Rear spoiler and raked windows double the design effort to prove this is a 1950s throwback.  8-10 passengers sit comfortably on leather seats around the inner bar.  Enjoy.

Lincoln Town Cars

Stretch Limos Lincoln Town Cars

8-10 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

Just classic enough for the city, this stretch Lincoln Town Car comes with the lengthened wheelbase of the sedan to make this a limo comfortably accommodating 8-10 passengers.  It’s low-lying doors and rectangular lines fit an iconic frame recognizable from almost any distance.

Hummer Limos

Stretch Limos Hummer Limos

14-20 Passengers   |   4 Pcs. of Luggage

Nothing quite says limo these days like a full sized Hummer H2 Limo.  The square military style cross-bred with a classic stretch limo combines into a formidable presence outside while a full bar, neon lighting, plasma TV, and leather seats comfortably conspire to accommodate 14-20 passengers inside.