Regardless of the secular or religious occasion – Easter, the New Year, Christmas, any of the Jewish holidays 2014, for all the holidays 2014 for that matter – you now have an excuse to hire a limousine and driver for your tour trip. From the moment you step off your flight, riding tall in a limo on St. Patty’s Day's attractions may not have occurred to you as often as you recall but now that you imagine it, the holiday limo fantasy will not die easy even if only for a weekend.

Here’s why. Not only will the driver will pick you up at your hotel, there is something primal in us that likes luxury, specifically black car service. It really has little to do with the limo in particular, though limos can be exotic. But if you think of about the wide and varied selection of limos, you’ll realize they exist for one reason: they are an excuse for a driver. The driver is what we strive for in life. Someone who has our back. Someone who is looking over our shoulder, if only at the car approaching in the rearview mirror. Someone who anticipates our needs before we ourselves know that we are for want of something. In other words, a kind of mother/father figure that guides us through our special occasion.

- Movéo Chauffeurs, Five-star service