Happy Anniversary

Take leave in the Chrysler 300 Stretch as a gift to your spouse.  As the interior light softens against leather seats and a stainless steel bar let your inhibitions soften with it.  When evening ambience sets in you’ll remember, “yes, this is why I chose to take a limo as my anniversary present – I am in New York City and the sheer energy attracted by driving a limousine through the city is divine.”  It is a couple scene unto itself and is well matched by a car and driver.  In short, a wonderful idea!

Whether it's your first year or golden anniversary, consider Movéo chauffeurs – premium rental limos and cars for hire for your New York anniversary limousine.  From the perspective of a passenger enjoying a special occasion with a loved one, you’ll want the anniversary car rentals special.  Just as your better half is unlike any other, so is your anniversary limo service.

- Movéo Chauffeurs, Five-star service