Westchester Airport Car Service


 Hire moveo’s Westchester Airport chauffeured services. Your limousine will be waiting outside the curb, and your driver at the arrival’s gate. Your ground transportation like never before. Reliable transport home or to your hotel. Westchester Airport Car Service has a new player you cannot miss out on. Enjoy the experience of riding in the back of a movéo limousine.

Everyone seems to be focusing on the big three airports that call New York City home. But what about those that wish to have a more peaceful commute to and from the airport? What about those that want to skip the city and go straight to the peace and quiet of Westchester? The perfect suburb, and yet so close to the Big Apple. If you want to skip the NYC hecticness, then get on a plane or land at Westchester Airport.
Suburbs are a little bit different from the big city. There aren’t that many varieties of transportation. New York City and its five boroughs have subway, taxi cabs, private transportation, limo services and more. And although many of these are in Westchester as well, there is a plus.  
Some 30 miles from Manhattan, and just on the border with Connecticut, this airport is key to air traffic for the area. The airport was built during WWII to house the air force and protect the New York City area. After the war was over, the Air National Guard moved away, and so the commercial Westchester Airport we know today emerged. It nw services Connecticut and is an auxiliary outlet for the New York City Metropolitan Area. Its single terminal services 6 terminal spaces. Small but cosy, you won’t have any trouble at all finding your movéo driver. 
Can’t make him out of a greeting crowd? Don’t worry at all. movéo notifies you via sms where your driver is, and his ETA. If your flight is delayed, your driver will always be in the know. We pay very close attention to flight schedules, delays, and other details that might worry you with the thought that your ground transportation might not be in sight. 
Don’t miss your flight either. We will pick you up at home, office, or wherever it is you instruct us via your online booking information. We have lots of room for you and your luggage. Pick one of our vehicles from our inventory. If it is just you, then choose a town car, a hybrid, or a long stretch limousine. If you are bringing a mid size group of friends and relatives, a long stretch limousine, SUV or van will do just fine. Thinking way bigger? Pick our motor coach with capacity of 60 people and their luggage. Yes, do not make anyone on the plane late for their flight. Keep them all together in a single spot. 
The delightful suburbs. Westchester is fairly known for having quite a few things to call its own. Including several country houses with beautiful horses, splendid views, and a charming family life. The exquisite architecture of some of the mansions will leave you in awe as you pass them by in your movéo limousine. 
If you book a flight to Westchester, choose it because it gives you more privacy and a direct pass home. Avoid all the big city traffic and find yourself surrounded by family, friends, and your favorite movéo driver the moment you land. Who said luxury and taste was only possible as an ingredient of the urban life? Book online today and have luxury pick you up or drive to Westchester Airport. What other car service would you rather have than the one that offers you refreshments, has the A/C or heating system ready for you, allows to stretch out however you like, and is perfectly safe?