Newark Transfers


 Ground Transportation in Newark like no other. Your moveo limo service is ready for you. Congratulations! You have either just arrived in the Big Apple or are planning to slip away on vacation or business trip for a little while. Still, you need a ride to take you home or to your hotel. Make sure that all the hecticness doesn’t affect the flow of your trip. Plan in advance so that the minute you are stepping into the arrivals gate, your driver will already be waiting for you. Plan ahead so you don’t miss your flight, and still have time for lunch at your departure gate. What’s more, plan ahead so that you have a reliable ride waiting for you, one in which you can feel comfortable and go about your business without losing a moment’s notice. 

Newark Airport, or if you are one to love the classics, Newark Metropolitan Airport as it used to be known in earlier years. This airport has been a milestone for aeronautics in America. It is the first major airport in the history of our country, and today, it is the busiest airport in the tri-state area. In 2013 alone, more than 35 million passengers went through Newark Airport. 
Finding your way around Newark Airport
As you have probably guessed, being such a busy hub for so many passengers, airlines, tourists, business executives, and more, finding your way around may sound overwhelming. However, logistics is one area Newark is very good at. Although it has less terminals than JFK airport, there are more flights coming in and out every day. 
Get from Point A to Point B
It should be as simple as the time it took you to read this sentence. However, if travelling with a group, or arriving in a delayed flight, might seem like an obstacle to catch a ride. Worry not, movéo has this all covered. Choose a vehicle online that meets your needs. A Mercedes sprinter for a medium group, or a motor coach that holds up to 60 people in a single ride. You practically filled the plane? You won’t have to move about the city in separate units, trying to have a meeting point and not losing each other. There’s enough room for everyone and their luggage. 
Or perhaps you are traveling on your own, or in a small group of people. An SUV will make you feel very comfortable. You might even doze off and relax after a long flight, with enough room for your legs to stretch out. Book online and be ready for a smooth ride.
Be in the know 
Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to communicate with someone you are trying to get a hold of. Imagine a situation in which all you want to do is to get home or to your hotel after a long flight, and your driver is nowhere to be found! You can already start sweating from the imagined stress. With movéo this is avoided thanks to our SMS notification system. Even if your flight is delayed, as soon as you land, an SMS will notify you who your driver is and where exactly they are waiting for you. Relax, you booked a Newark Limo Service with us, we deliver. Whether it’s terminal A, B or C, your black car is waiting for you with someone to help you with your bags. 
Choose your occasion
Not catching a flight? May be you want to consider other special occasions or situations in which you find yourself wanting a limo car service. All you need to do is remember that with movéo you can book a vehicle for any kind of occasion.