New York Town Car


A full luxury sedan, a class of its own. The town car has been an iconic vehicle for decades. Not only a car for executives and the elite, but more importantly, an elite that outsources driving to a professional. This car has been evolving since the early 1950s. It has also been converted into long stretch limousines used for every kind of important meeting and special occasion in the United States and Canada. To be more specific, it has been the New York Town Car. Don’t restrain yourself from the opportunity to experience first hand such a traditional ride if you are in New York City. Contact movéo to schedule this unique kind of ride.

For a very long time, the town car was the longest car in production in the Western world. Its name actually comes from the French designation of the sedan de ville, which literally translates to town car. It is evocative of the 1920s first production of a limousine, or a chauffeur driven vehicle. Since then, the concept of being pampered by a professional was starting to have an important place in the executive world. 
As time flew by, models were continually evolving. From the very square, rectangular shape of a town car, to its slowly curving details. Today, you cannot think of the word “town car” or “limousine” without picturing this car in your mind. The car has been evolving just like New York has. Slowly has it adopted new features and details that accommodate whatever is needed by the passenger. What remains constant is its elegance, its spaciousness and timelessness. 
The car has continued to be in production, and the most popular automobile company that has produced it was Lincoln, affiliated to Ford motors. However, 2011 was the last year that saw a Lincoln Town Car slide through its factories. Although the model is no longer in production, it never ceases to evoke candor and glamour. 
The Town Car has been part of New York history for ages. World known celebrities like Donald Trump, Paris Hilton or Madonna, have ridden in the back seat to go to important events like beauty pageants, award ceremonies, and meetings. Every top executive in New York has ridden in one as well. Both the 4-door edition as the limousine edition have been part of a great number of special occasions and ceremonies celebrated throughout the Big Apple. 
Picture a black 4-door New York Town Car, or its long stretch limousine version, going around 5th Avenue through Central Park. The driver wearing a perfect suit and driving every major player in the city around. Whether it’s tourists living up to a piece of the New York lifestyle, an executive rushing to a meeting, a couple going to a romantic dinner, or a bride looking gorgeous through the passenger window. So many people have been part of this. Won’t you want to be part as well?
All these stories are still kept in movéo’s essence. Book a long stretch limousine or town car, and live up to your own story in one of these legendary cars. Go online, tell us the date, time, and special occasion that you are celebrating - even if it is only an airport ride-. Our driver will be there for you no matter where in the city. He’ll let you know his ETA and location via an SMS notification to your mobile. You don’t have to worry about driving, logistics, or traffic. That’s where we come in. You go on with whatever it is you need to do, but most of all, enjoy the ride.
Relax, look out the window and breathe in the new leather seat aroma you are sitting on. When you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you are floating through New York City traffic inside your luxurious bubble.