Luxury Limo Transfers in NYC


Have you given any thought about how many luxury transportation options you have in New York City? Just like you would pick an outfit from your closet, make sure you are picking the right vehicle for you special occasion. And just as you would send that outfit to the right dry cleaner, the company that takes care of the vehicle and its logistics is as important. Choose movéo, we are always ready to provide the ultimate accessory: Luxury Limo Rides. Let’s take a look at what you can choose from with us. 

Luxury Sedans
These elegant and pragmatic rides can take you wherever you want to be. They are like the perfect little black dress in your closet. And guess what? They are black to go with your dress as well. Apt for up to three people, you’ll immediately feel comfortable riding in the back on those leather seats. You get your own set of doors, which will be opened and closed for you by your very own professional driver. You’ll be able to fit in up to 4 pieces of luggage - just in case you are going to or from the airport-. Feel safe with their ABS and traction control. Save your worries for the party, not for the ride. 
Luxury SUVs
The SUV has two purposes: accommodate a group of friends, and drive them to impress. Watch the city glide next to you from your high rise window. Look back to the interior and chat with your friends. Grab a couple of snacks before arriving to the venue. All the space and accessories that fit into an SUV are remarkable: DVD player, snacks, even a place to hook up your mobile gadgets, just in case you need to fuel them up on the way to the event. 
Stretch Limos
The very icon of elegance, power and position. The stretch limo is the ultimate vehicle for elegance, and romance. Award ceremonies, anniversaries, weddings, and other major special occasions deserve a long limousine wrapping round every corner in the city until you get to your destination. Watch as your driver opens the door for you to step into the scene. Watch as everyone gasps at the sight of you. 
Coaches and Vans
Conventions. Group gatherings. Tours of the city. Their common denominator? Large groups. Fit everyone in a single vehicle, without losing the group dynamic. Keep everyone together, and don’t miss a single detail of your plan. It could be a small group of five people, or a large group of up to 60. Doesn’t matter, we have the vehicles that accommodate everyone and their luggage. 
The trend came in and it is here not only to stay, but to keep evolving. It may be a small part of our inventory, but in days to come, green vehicles will be the only option out there in the world. In the meantime, be an early adopter, a conscientious person that helps take care of the environment. Select one of our hybrid models, and you’ll feel a little better about your carbon footprint. 
Classic and Vintage
Weddings are a very particular scenario that require the ultimate sophistication. Although some may opt for a long stretch limousine, others will prefer the timeless beauty of a vintage vehicle. A professional driver will play a key role in this picture. A simple black suit won’t make the cut. There’s that extra je ne sais quoi  that he needs to bring to the table. The dress, the guests, the bride, the groom, the family and friends, the wedding chapel, the reception, and yes, the vintage car with its very own professional chauffeur ready to cater to your ground luxury limo NYC needs.