JFK Transfer


 John F. Kennedy Airport. One of the most connected hubs of the globe. Right in the heart of Queens, named in memory of president JFK in 1963 after being called New York International Airport for 15 years. Today, more than 90 airlines visit this airport: Blue Jet, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Trans World Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa and so many others.

You can easily lose track of the so many possibilities of touching almost every corner in the planet departing from New York. With 6 terminals, 151 gates, and handling over 50 million passengers every year, JFK has become an icon for tourists, business travelers, and New Yorkers.

With so much going on every day, and such heavy traffic, you need to make sure not to get lost in the massive crowd coming in and out of JFK airport every single day. Although running like a well oiled machine, you still need ground transportation to catch a lift to the airport or get to your final destination in New York. A JFK car service that is punctual and reliable is really the only way to go. Trying to catch a yellow cab impromptu in the middle of the Big Apple would be like trying to shake hands with your favorite artist when you are standing in the middle of a giant group of fans. Don’t worry about missing your flight. Always plan ahead.

 Business or Pleasure?

 Have you planned this trip for weeks, even months in the hopes of spending a few relaxing days in New York City? Or may be you are visiting your company’s local branch to check up on how business is doing. Closing a deal with a local Venture Capital Firm? All of these qualify as experiences that need to be truly taken care of. Don’t risk missing your flight or staying stranded at JFK for the lack of a reliable ride. Enjoy your New York experience flawlessly by hiring a trustworthy JFK car service with movéo.

 It’s simply really. You avoid all the hassle of having to pay for a ride. All you need to do is go online and book the ride of your preference. Tell us a little bit more about your trip so we can customize our service to fit your needs. Time, place, date, and your professionally trained driver will be there for you.

 Late flight on the way in to New York? Don’t worry, your driver already knows. At movéo we keep a very close look on flight schedules, so if there’s rain, snow, or an otherwise delayed flight, we’ll still be there waiting for you to show up at the arrivals gate.

 Feel confident that the moment your driver spots you or the other way around, you are in for a deluxe experience. By the way, even before actually seeing who will drive you about the city, you would have already known ETA, whereabouts and more detailed information via an SMS notification to your mobile. Talk about feeling relieved.


Party of 10+


Whether you are travelling on your own with several pieces of luggage, or a large party of up to 60 people, we have you all covered. You and your luggage will fit right into our luxurious vehicles. Feel confident and comfortable. Enjoy the drive from the airport to your hotel and the way back. We handle a varied vehicle inventory which can accommodate from 1 to 60 people in a single ride. Keep everyone together, and enjoy the experience of having a private chauffeur treat your like royalty in New York City. Welcome to the Big Apple!